Sunday 17 August 2008

OpenGL tutorials

If you are ever at the crossroads where you have to choose which API to learn first DirectX or OpenGL, the opinion of the gaming community seems that you should go for OpenGL first; it is easy to learn,code is similar to C++ and moreover it is platform independent. Dont get me wrong: OpenGL is not better than DirectX.It all depends on the individuals choice.People are divided on this. many think that DirectX is better because it gives you more functions to work with than OpenGl and also it is very convenient to Program in the DirectX SDK. While other think that OpenGL is better because it gives you more control over your code.
what i sincerely think is that you should be comfortable with both the APIs.

here is a good site for OpenGL tutorials:

NeHe Productions:

consists of complete guide to a beginner learning OpenGL wit resources such as source code and additional books.

Friday 15 August 2008

Introducing DirectX 11

Well here we go, Direct X 11 has been announced by microsoft at its annual gamefest conference.
The Key Features include:

  • Down-level hardware and operating system support
  • Improved multithreaded device
  • New hardware stages for tessellation
  • Improved texture compression
  • Shader Model 5.0
  • Compute shader
  • Additional features

Diablo 3:Expectations

after 8 long years of waiting, finally Diablo 3 was announced on June 28, 2008

The following video was released:

Now from that demo,..what i can infer is that it appears to be a more stylized version of Diablo 2 (which has achieved position of a classic dark-hack-and-slash game among the masses) and basically that was all the fans wanted.

I have always liked the diablo franchise because they have given less emphasis on graphics and focused more about story and gameplay. They have raised the bar of character development to a whole new level.Diablo 2 gave the player nothing but a utter satisfaction of ploughing through hordes of monsters while enjoying the mystery and creepiness of the surroudings.

The general opinion about this video seems that Blizzard has turned Diablo from a dark toned game into a War Craft clone with bright colors and high contrast.What i think about this is that as long as they come out with a good storyline and engrossing gameplay,.i dont mind a little bit of contrast and colours thrown around here and there. But i sincerely hope that Diablo 3 retains the enigma and feel of diablo 2.

now lets look at some of the technical details: another aspect which i like about this game is that it does not require DirectX 10 to function properly. this is rarely seen in modern games ( which are released after windows vista). this means that diablo fans wont have to buy new hardware just to enjoy their favourite game.The proprietary engine will incorporate Havok physics and feature destructible environments with an in-game damage effect.

I sincerely hope that Diablo fans (including myself) get what is being promised right now

Happy Independence Day!

Today is the Indian Independence day!

I wanted some reason to start this "blog" thing everyone keeps talking about and thought that today would be nice.

Now something regarding what my blog will contain in the future:

It would be dominated primarily by technological stuff with some humor thrown in between here and there. Well that is all I can think of right now. See you in the future!