Thursday 16 December 2021

Building a Microsoft Teams bot: Sending custom data from an adaptive card button to the bot

This is the third article in my "Building a Microsoft Teams Bot" series. In this series, I have written down some interesting things I came across while creating a Microsoft Teams Bot app which is now available on AppSource:

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Todays article is around how to pass custom data from Adaptive Cards back to the Teams bot. This can be useful in scenarios when we want to show multiple options to the user in an Adaptive card and when the user selects an option, we want to send that option back to the bot and perform a relevant operation.

To achieve this, we will use the data property of the Adaptive Card Submit action: 
This property contains a key value pair of custom data which can be sent back to the bot. 

Here is a sample of how the card json will look when posting it to Teams:

To build this type of card in our bot code, we will iterate over the options and create Adaptive card Submit buttons with the relevant values in the data property:

And finally, when the user clicks on a button, Teams platform will send the corresponding data property back to the bot. This can then be used in the Submit action of the bot to perform a relevant operation.

Hope this was helpful!