Tuesday 31 May 2016

Identify Office 365 Tenants using a custom logo

I came across something really simple but equally useful recently.

It is quite well known that Office 365 allows you to set a custom image as a logo for your organisation. This logo then appears in the suite bar across the entire tenant.

When working on an Office 365 Development project, we have multiple tenants to take care of. Typically, they are  DEV, TEST, UAT and finally PROD.

When you are navigating between these tenants, a really simple way of telling them apart is to use a custom logo for each tenant!

We as developers might just quickly have a look at the URL to see which tenant we are in. But in many cases, the same tenants are used by non-technical members of the team who might need a clearer indication of which tenant they are in. This can also help in preventing someone accidentally doing something on the wrong tenant.

So here at Content and Code, we might have something like this:

Development Tenant:

Test Tenant:

UAT Tenant:

PROD does not require any special logo as that might confuse end users:

Here is how you set the custom theme and logo for your tenant:


Hope you find this useful!

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