Tuesday 24 October 2023

Connect an OpenAI chat bot to the internet using Bing Search API

In the previous post, we saw what is OpenAI function calling and how to use it to chat with your organization's user directory using Microsoft Graph. Please have a look at the article here: Chat with your user directory using OpenAI functions and Microsoft Graph

In this post, we will implement function calling for a very common scenario of augmenting the large language model's responses with data fetched from internet search.

Since the Large Language model (LLM) was trained with data only up to a certain date, we cannot talk to it about events which happened after that date. To solve this, we will use OpenAI function calling to call out the Bing Search API and then augment the LLM's responses with the data returned via internet search.

This pattern is called Retrieval Augmented Generation or RAG. 

Let's look at the code now on how to achieve this. In this code sample I have used the following nuget packages:



The very first thing we will look at is our function definition for informing the model that it can call out to external search API to search information:

In this function we are informing the LLM that if it needs to search the internet as part of providing the responses, it can call this function. The function name will be returned in the response and the relevant parameters will be provided as well.

Next, let's see how our orchestrator looks. I have added comments to each line where relevant:

This code is responsible for handling the chat with OpenAI, calling the Bing API and also responding back to the user based on the response from internet search. 

Next, let's have a look at the code which calls the Bing API based on the parameters provided by the LLM. Before executing this code, you will need to have created Bing Web Search API resource in Azure. Here is more information on it: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/bing/search-apis/bing-web-search/overview

The Bing Web Search API key can be found in the "Keys and Endpoint" section on the Azure resource:

Here is the code for calling the Bing Search API:

In this code, we are calling the Bing Web Search REST API to get results based on the search query created by the LLM. Once the top 3 results are fetched we are getting the text snippets of those results, combining them and sending it back the LLM. 

We are only getting the search result snippets to keep this demo simple. In production, ideally you will need to get the Url of each search result and then get the content of the page using the Url.

Finally, lets have a look at our CallChatGPT function which is responsible for talking to the Open AI chat API:
This code defines the OpenAI function which will be included in our Chat API calls. Also, the user's question is sent to the Chat API to determine if the function needs to be called. This function is also called again after the response from the Bing Web Search API is fetched. At that time, this function contains the search results and uses them to generate an output in natural language.

This way, we can use Open AI function calling together with Bing Web Search API to connect our chat bot to the internet!

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