Saturday 3 January 2015

My Colleagues App powered by Office Graph

This will be a very short post following one of my previous posts about the Office Graph and the GQL. I have taken most of the code there and put it inside a SharePoint Hosted App.

The App queries the Office Graph for the colleagues with whom you closely work with and displays them. Basically, it does the same thing which you see on the left hand side when you log in to Delve. This app can be a good starting point if you want to further develop apps which consume the Office Graph API. You can pick and choose the Delve elements which you want in your app. Also, you can create customized scenarios which leverage the Office Graph and deliver them as Apps for SharePoint.

Since the App requires Search permissions to be granted in the AppManifest, you will need to have the Tenant Admin credentials to install the App. I think this might be a blocker for some people in installing the App. Now fortunately, if you just want to test the functionality out, you can take all the code in the App.js and run it from inside a SharePoint Online page. You do not need tenant admin permissions to execute the code in the page.

This App will only work in SharePoint Online (Office 365) as there is no Office Graph for SharePoint On-Premises at the moment.

The code for the App is part of Office Developer Patterns and Practices repository and is available here:

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shurick said...

Hello Vardhaman, thank you for this post. Have you tried to reuse rendering JS for this app or any other app that renders data from Graph? What I'm scratching my head about is creating a web part that shows Delve information. It would be great if I can just reuse the templates that MS has developed. Otherwise I will have to come up with some Office UI Fabric application for that and implement the logic by myself.