Saturday 17 January 2015

Get all Office 365 Video Channels, Groups and Delve Boards with REST

Office 365 has introduced 3 new portals recently: Videos, Groups and Delve. Behind the scenes, the architecture of Videos and Groups is such that each Video channel is a site collection and so is each Group. For Delve boards, each board is saved as a Tag and when you add a document to a board, the document is tagged with the name of the board.

If you are working on a solution for Office 365 and want to integrate Videos, Groups or Delve, here is how you can get a list of all of them using the SharePoint REST API:

1) Get all Office 365 Video Channels with REST API:'contentclass:sts_site WebTemplate:POINTPUBLISHINGTOPIC'&SelectProperties='WebTemplate,Title,Path'&rowlimit=50

2) Get all Office 365 Groups with REST API:'contentclass:sts_site WebTemplate:Group'&SelectProperties='WebTemplate,Title,Path'&rowlimit=50

3) Get all Delve Boards with REST API:'(Path:"TAG://PUBLIC/?NAME=*")'&Properties='IncludeExternalContent:true'&selectproperties='Path,Title'&rowlimit=50


Unknown said...

Hi vardhaman,

Do know if there is any way to create Groups programatically?

Vardhaman Deshpande said...

Hi Jacob,

As of now, there doesn't seem to be an API to do that.

Debana said...


I could get everything to work in an universal app... the thumbnails excepted.

Could you obtain the thumbnail with the url provided with the video object ?

I tried with the bearer token, SPClient, CSOM... no success.

The url uses the format https://[TENANT]/portals/[SITE]/pVid/[VIDEOFILENAME].PNG?VideoPreview=1

I see in the browser that cookies are used for the query but i don't know where the values FedAuth and rtFa come from...

Thanks in advance if you can help :)

Lachezar Stefanov said...

@Jacob Filtenborg,

Could this endpoint be what you're looking for?

Unknown said...

Getting list of Board from Delve:- Rest api is not working.
I have try this way "*%22)%27&Properties=%27IncludeExternalContent:true%27&selectproperties=%27Path,Title%27&rowlimit=50" but it always show 0 rows.
I have 3 Boards in my Delve.