Tuesday 9 November 2021

Building a Microsoft Teams Bot: Deep linking to a Teams message from an Adaptive Card button

This is the second article in my "Building a Microsoft Teams Bot" series. In this series, I am planning to write down some interesting things I came across while creating a Microsoft Teams Bot app which is now available on AppSource: https://appsource.microsoft.com/en-us/product/office/WA200002297

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Todays article is around how to create deep links to teams messages from Adaptive cards. This can be useful in scenarios when you want to send users to a specific Teams chat message when they click on an Adaptive Card button:

If you are building the deep link manually, it can be grabbed from the "Copy link" button from the ellipsis menu in a Teams message:

Deep links to personal chats are in a different format compared to channel messages.
For Teams messages, the deep link format is:


For personal chats, the deep link format is:


For bots and messaging extensions, this deep link can be built from parts of the payload sent to the Bot from the Teams platform when the bot is invoked:

Once you have the desired deep link, the next step is to assign it as the URI to an Adaptive Card button:

And that's it! Now you can easily add buttons to your adaptive cards which take the user to specific messages in Teams personal chats or channels. 

Hope this was helpful!

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