Thursday 15 February 2024

Generate images using Azure OpenAI DALL·E 3 in SPFx

Dall E 3 is the latest AI image generation model coming out of OpenAI. It is leaps and bounds ahead of the previous model Dall E 2. Having explored both, the image quality as well as the adherence to text prompts is much better for Dall E 3. It is now available as a preview in Azure OpenAI Service as well.

Given all this, it is safe to say if you are working on the Microsoft stack and want to generate images with AI, using the Azure OpenAI Dall E 3 model would be the recommended option.

In this post, let's explore the image generation API for Dall E 3 and also how to use it from a SharePoint Framework (SPFx) solution. The full code of the solution is available on GitHub:

First, let's build the web api which will wrap the Azure OpenAI API to create images. This will be a simple ASP.NET Core Web API which will accept a text prompt and return the generated image to the client.

To run this code, we will need the following NuGet package:

Now for calling the API, we will use a standard React based SPFx webpart. The webpart will use Fluent UI controls to grab the text prompt from user and send it to our API.

Hope this helps!

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